Is there a minimum order quantity?
No. However, to keep cost reasonable we suggest our customers to go for at least 20 pieces per design. If it is a special customization request, only then we ask for a minimum quantity of 50, 100 or 500 depending on the special materials or level of weaving required.

Do you take overseas orders?
Right now, our main market is Singapore but yes we do sell and ship overseas.

In what format should I give the design?

What should be the size of the design image?
It is advisable to upload a high resolution image – a 300dpi image that is saved to the size you desire. This will ensure a better finished design.

Will you use my print design for any other purpose?
Yes. We will own the perpetual, non-existent license to use your design for our commercial and advertising purpose.

Is there anything that I need to take care when choosing a particular logo or design?
You should be careful of copyrighted and trademark material (both text and image). In case, our design team feel that your design infringes any kind of law or is not appropriate, we hold the right to refuse delivering your order at any point of time in the printing process. You will have to bear the charges thus incurred.

What types of printing does T-Shirt Connexxion offers?
We currently offer direct-to-garment, screen printing, dye printing, silk screen printing, heat transfer printing and jersey printing.

How to decide which method is suitable for my t-shirt?
Our experts will help you decide based on your design, usage and quantity required.

Are your charges all inclusive?
Yes except there will be additional charges in case your artwork requires clean-up, color separation or designing. You will be notified if there are any additional charges before we send your order for printing.

Do I get to see a “sample” before you print my order?
Yes definitely. We do not begin production till we hear your email approval on the artwork design sample or pre-production paper. We give sample finished products only upon payment of deposit or sample charges, if your order is less than 100 pcs.

How do I keep cost low without affecting the quality?
Cost is not a determined of our work quality because we never compromise on quality of our products. This is what you can do keep cost low.

Print fewer colors because each color requires a separate mould which increases the cost
Go for white tees instead of colored tees
Larger the quantity, lesser will be the price per tee
Print on one side of the t-shirt
Choose a different technology